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forget your past
Hi everyone, I know that I am very well, the tests are almost over so I presume to study but I now have Chapter 3 of Tyler's story now hawkpaw. Well after being caught by breezepelt, onestar says there would be no punishment if he joins the windclan, but tyler remembers his mother and shoots out trying to find her but finds out that she had left with her twolegs, it was unforgivable, to be separated from her Mom, he had nothing left. All was taken from him out of curiosity. so he had no choice not to be forced to be a warrior it's very sad tyler's story, I thought about doing what I did not want to be nothing had a simple life with only the people he loved and simply change his identity to a bunch of strangers that's why I love my oc. well hope you are enjoy my stories about my ocs bye Bye
-Papa Old ....

He pulled on his coat sleeve a small white shark with red eyes that diverted the attention of the greater who watched the sky through a cave.

-Yes, Sal?

"How did you meet Mama?"

The innocent shark's words moved with Old, he gave a slight sigh and put his little son on his lap.

-Good salt, it was time to tell this story to you in some way, I'll tell you how you know your mother.

Flash back:

It was a quiet night in the ocean, it was when the fish slept at that time, but not for a gray shark that was swimming behind food. He had been looking for hours and was about to give up when ...

-Grrrr ... damn fishes! Why do they have to sleep ?! I will not go home empty-stomach.

Between grunts, he notices a huge shoal of fish being hunted by swordfish was the perfect solution to a hungry shark. He swam quickly to the shoal, but is overtaken by ... another shark!

- What!?

He asked, confused, it was a female blue shark that with the tail speed destroyed the great school in a row, leaving the fishswords in anger and began to attack it, but the bluish one attacked each one of them leaving it disintegrating and falling slowly while the last fishsword swam in His direction before hitting his fishsword on her is killed by the male shark watching the scene and taking the injured shark to the cave.

-What happened?

Asked the shark trying to get up but is stopped.

"Do not tighten up, you're still injured.

Says Old Slowly laying on the bed

"Those damn swords ..."

The young woman mumbled

"But answer me who you are?" where are you from?

"And why should I answer you?"

- I'm asking you a shark woman question.

"Hey, that's not my name, either!"

"That's why I want to know your name."

-Well, my name is Setsuna.

"Well, my name is Old, where did you come from?"

"From the blue sea.

"And why You came here should not be in your sea hunting instead of hunting my dinner at that time.

"And then I saw those fish, though they were mine.

- hm ... well since you literally astounded my dinner I will let you eat what turned dinner in their place.

Then it was on that day that a wounded shark changed her life so much and they happened to be hidden and before dawn she returned to her sea to see him again.Until one day simply changed the life of the young shark to see his mate.

-Old I want to tell you something.

-Yes, Setsuna?

-I'm Pregnant...

Old wordless about the news was something surreal and the happiest moment of their lives.

Old accepted the puppies of Setsuna and when they were born he was amazed with them. Old entered the small room where Setsuna was lying lying down nursing his small children.

"Come on Old, they will not bite you."

Old approaches the bed watching his new family members, two baby sharks, two with hair and white tail,another blue had hair, a blue tail.Sal and Samekichi ...

Over the years they were growing, salt getting too close to the father he trained with him is teaching all forms to hunt which led him to almost get seriously injured.

Frustrated, Setsuna decides to run away with her samekichi son in her lap but upon arriving discovers a horrible fight that was going on until she meets her great friends Tatsumiya.



"I need your help with my son.

- But with what ?!

-With Old.

"It's okay to hide that I'll handle this.


-Go !

Setsuna swam to a region where there was no danger to them. As this Tatsumiya fought Old until she hurt his eyes, then that day the old shark felt hatred of his beloved.

End of Flash back:

And that's how I met her and then abandoned me.


Speak, son.

"And you still like Mom?"


Even after years of rancor about abandonment he never stopped loving her ...


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